Yoga, The Back Pain Cure: The Yoga Therapy Back Care and Low Back Pain Treatment Program

A big problem with most back care programs is limited treatment options. Pain medications often mask problems, allowing further damage to occur because warning pain is not felt. Physical therapy is limited by what insurance companies deem necessary, and lastly surgery, a costly option, is often ineffective.
The good news is that yoga therapy can help relieve your pain while at the same time improve flexibility and strength. Yoga is great for healing back pain and at the same time is a practice for your entire mind and body. Most people find they sleep better, their mood improves, and they enjoy an enhanced sense of well-being.
This book features two yoga therapy practices. The first is for acute back problems which means you’re in pain right now. This practice is designed to bring structural balance back into your body and gently stretch key muscles, reducing pain and helping you heal. The second practice is designed to build strength and flexibility which helps prevent future problems.
Also covered:
•How to prevent low back problems in the first place.•The different types of low back problems and why they occur.
•A first-aid section that shows highly effective natural methods for relieving pain.
•Anatomy of the low back.

Community Review  

  • The beginning of this book gives a really good description of the spine, nerves, connective tissue and muscles explaining how they work and how they become injured. Although I knew this it was a really good review, well written and easy to understand and visualize.
    The yoga positions are very basic and simple ones but the entire sequence of movements to get into and out of the positions is very well described. Following these instructions will allow you to do these movements correctly and without additional injury.
    These positions really do help!
    AND the explanation of how NOT to sleep and how to correct yourself is also excellent!
  • I bought this book last night around 11:30 pm. I am 49 years old, too much sitting in front of computer, bad posture. Last couple of years my lower back pain increased gradually. I stretched, exercised, unfortunately irregularly, so my lower back got better got worse. I was in huge pain last night and I bought a few books and browsed quickly all of them.
    I needed some help quick! This book suggested to stop sleeping on stomach. I had also tried that before but always went back to that habit.
    BUT it also suggested HOW TO SLEEP. (Chapter 4, first tip.)
    Well I tried and it is something I can do easily.
    It is 6:30 am right now and for the first time in SOME months I woke up without pain!!! Wow. I thought I owe this review to the author.

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