Twitter Marketing in 2019 Made (Stupidly) Easy: How to Use Twitter for Business Awesomeness (Punk Rock Marketing Collection Book 1)

“Explains the art of Twitter marketing in easy-to-understand language and ideas; even longtime users might learn something new.”
-M. J. Popke – Founder/Owner, Two Lakes Media Group

Looking for a way to generate fast (and cheap) leads with your Twitter marketing efforts?

Not sure how to convert all those tweets, follows — and annoying hipster hashtags — into a serious Twitter for business boost to your bottom line?Searching for a simple, step-by-step small business marketing process you can use to build your brand, spread your message and make some frickin’ moolah with good, old Twitter?

“One of the best Twitter marketing books out there.”
–Mark LeGrand Messick – Author, Secrets To Selling Ebooks On Amazon

Community Review

  • The meat of the book has practical advice of good times to tweet, where the place to place the link, the best tweet size (very useful tip not to use up the entire available space and to leave room for re-tweet)
    In terms of marketing, the author addresses direct marketing (links to where you sell money) and indirect marketing (answering answers and sharing content in your area of expertise) and re-targeting (mentioned but not covered in details).
    The author provides some good advice about the content of your tweets in particular the split of the content between helpful, inspirational, fun, re-posted, and promotional. The most common mistake is making too many promotional tweets and losing everyone’s interest.
  • I have found Twitter to be a very easy and engaging social media platform. Even with the meager marketing instincts I have and without any education on Twitter, I found it useful to spreading the word about my business. Twitter has already directly boosted engagement on my website from nothing to several hundred unique hits a week. However, I knew I was just starting to understand it’s capabilities, and it was time to learn more.
    Overview of contents:
    Mr. Clarke starts with a simple introduction on what Twitter is, and the bare bone basics. Even here, I found a few interesting bits and pieces. If I would have read his intro before I took up Twitter a few months ago, I would have saved myself a few initial headaches (when I started, I didn’t realize Direct Messages were a bad thing, for instance). He also explained in brief a few of the tools that still I didn’t know what their purpose was. This was just the first few pages, so I think first time Twitter users would appreciate this part right off.
    The chapters that followed were short, sweet, and full of information. Each chapter built upon each other, and easily read and understood. I was able to enact changes to my Twitter account within minutes .
    Chapter 1 covers a boiled down explanation of direct and indirect marketing. This is information that can be applied to any platform or marketing idea.
    Chapter 2 covers how to setup a well made Twitter profile. Topics like how to pick a twitter name, and what to put in one’s bio.
    Chapter 3 gives solid ideas on what to tweet about, how much to tweet, where to get the information, and how to tweet in proportion to your other tweets without ticking your readers off with too much spam and salesy stuff. A nice bit of advice!
    Chapter 4 indicates when the best and worst times to tweet are. It’s worth paying attention too, because otherwise, your tweets might just get lost in the other feeds coming through much more easily. This is useful as a gauge only, and the author admits different times might work better for different businesses. At the very least, an excellent starting point.
    Chapter 5 speaks about how to construct a well made tweet. The size of the tweet, and use and placement of hashtags. Also how to say things in a tweet. I found this very interesting and useful. Also it made sense. Many times I would read his words and think “of course!” why didn’t I think of that? I found this very useful One really useful tidbit that makes this chapter useful was to make the tweets as short as possible, so people have room to retweet. I never thought of that!
    Chapter 6 talks about how to gain followers fast without doing anything that would anger the Twitter gods. Mr. Clarke talks about how to follow, who to follow, and also ways of making yourself appear to be an established expert of your field. This is a chapter that still will take some work on one’s part to grow one’s followers, but it is logical and consistent and makes total sense.
    Chapter 7 delves into ways to engage followers through contests, chats and streaming, the author gives solid information on what to use and how to use various Twitter friendly sites. This is something I never thought of, and the information can be used for other kinds of social media. really, a lot of the book has principles that can be applied to other forms of marketing.
    Finally Chapter 8 gives information on making many of the skills taught in the previous chapters automatic through various websites. This is especially useful to the time crunched business person (and who isn’t?)
    All in all, I found this a great introductory read that gets you up and moving quickly. It is a short (76 pages), easy to read book with lots of information, told with tongue and cheek humor by the author that keeps the reader awake through the grind of the technical aspects of Twitter. And at $2.99 on Kindle, well worth the small investment of time and money.

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