The Email Alchemist: Profit Diary of an Online Marketing Millionaire, Your Roadmap to Riches

Email marketing is STILL the killer app for any online or offline business.

It’s the easiest, fastest, and most cost-efficient way to create customer bonding, branding and sales – while increasing lifetime customer value with every email you send.

Yet few entrepreneurs have the slightest idea how to use email the RIGHT way…

They waste valuable time and effort focusing on open rates, clickthrough rates, and “list building”… while a small handful of email marketers are quietly raking in fortunes, with finely-tuned email marketing machines that earn money reliably, consistently, and automatically.In fact, says email marketing expert, Daniel Levis… it’s high-time list building were dead and buried!

Daniel is famous throughout the industry as, “The EMAIL ALCHEMIST”.

He’s created guerilla campaigns that hauled in over $90 a click… just using EMAIL… and has helped more people multiply their profits with email marketing than just about any other online marketing educator.

Community Review

  • As a subscriber to the author’s work, I had high expectations. I regard Daniel Levis as the leading expert in email marketing and he is a go-to resource for me. I would not hesitate to recommend any of his works or products and this book is no exception. I would unreservedly recommend it. With that said, I think the book could be better.
    While I am a fan of cutting through the fat that is found in many books that seems to only serve the purpose of increasing the word count, I believe this book cuts too much fat. I would like to have seen Daniel spend more time going into his back story. In the beginning of the book, Daniel talks about his early experience with internet marketing while still a full time employee. This part goes by pretty quickly. I would have liked to see more detail here especially since the title includes “Profit Diary”. I was expecting a bit more back story.
    Overall, I think the book could use greater detail and a slower pace. I felt I was struggling to keep up at certain points.
    I’d still recommend this book because of the respect I have for Daniel. I hope to see more from him in the future.
  • Bias alert: I’d give anything Daniel writes five stars. Why? Because I know, at minimum, it’ll be a fun, interesting, and educational read… yes, educational. Daniel is super smart and can weave all kinds of obscure references into his emails seamlessly.
    Even if you’re audience is not primarily information marketers, you stand to benefit enormously from what he teaches here.
  • Daniel’s email strategies have sold a lot of our stuff. In direct tests, emails using Daniel’s unique strategy consistently outperform our controls, in one case by over 100%.
    What Daniel teaches is definitely NOT just more of the same. Far from it! He teaches you how to make the sale, build the relationship, and generate determined clicks all in the email. His knowledge of copywriting is encyclopedic. If there is any downside, it is that much of his material is in-depth that it can be overwhelmed.
    This book, however, is a quick read, but it will explain exactly what you need to learn to do in email. It will most likely change the way you think about email in your sales funnel.
  • As a Cybersecurity IT Expert, I spend a lot of time writing useful how-to guides, books, and emails educating medical practices and businesses on how to stay ahead of the latest zero-day malware security threats and how to avoid a costly and embarrassing HIPAA breach. Daniel Levis is an amazing copywriter! He provides very useful tips and information I can immediately put to work in my writing. I’m a huge fan and active member of his Email Alchemy Elite program which has also proven to be worth 10x my investment. It is with the teachings and encouragement from Daniel, I was able to complete my latest book called How HIPAA Can Crush Your Medical Practice. Highly recommended!
  • A book, even a very short book, full of specific guidance from one of the masters of their industry has to be taken seriously, and at $0.99 it gets at least a 4 rating almost by default just for laying out what such an expert knows. Better yet, this book is short but full of content. Daniel takes a different path from many of today’s internet marketers in calling for mail that is longer, as long as it is relevant. And he provides you will the full text of a couple of these sales letters, certainly enough for you to customize to your own campaign. I’m giving it a shot now on my web site and we’ll see whether it generates any better results than following the “mainstream” advice, but it certainly cannot do much worse.
  • I bet you didn’t know that list building is dead…most internet marketing gurus are still teaching that list building is fundamental to successful internet marketing businesses. But Daniel Levis knows better, and this quick read is an introduction to the concepts that have made him the “go to” guy for many of these same internet marketing gurus when they want to improve their open and click through rates. Just check out the names of these guys who are recommending this book, and you won’t have to wonder whether or not to buy it!
    I love that this book is only 100 pages. No one has time to get through hundreds of pages of text. This book is short and sweet. It delivers its powerful message and leaves you with plenty of time to go and to implement. That’s what I’m doing.
  • I’m not going to sugar coat this:
    Reading Daniel’s book… which I’ve done at least three times now… made me crave even more of his Lizard-brain secrets on selling with story.
    Seriously, I was hooked. I can’t wait until I can invest in his products.
    You will be too.
    And yes, some of you won’t see the lesson in front of you. You’ll cry foul, “but this is so short! He pitched me at the end!”
    You see, he’s essentially handing you a lesson in how to write a very long, very engaging sales letter.
    Not with hype or outlandish claims. But with subtlety and with STORY.
    Alright… alright…
    If you are looking for the done-for-you lessons, the key takeaways are:
    1. SODPC. Daniel gives you his profitable email formula.
    2. Story themes. He actually gives you several story themes you can start brainstorming right away. Underdog… journey… etc.
    3. Story loops. How to use them to keep readers engaged until the very end.
    All in all, I’m glad I finally added this one to my library.


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