Energia Solar/Solar Power (Energia para el presente/Energy for Today) (Spanish Edition)

Introduces methods of obtaining energy from the sun, places solar energy in context with other power resources, explains how it works, and considers the advantages and disadvantages of its possible future use.Community Review  

  • There’s a lot of good information in this book, and it is geared for ebikes. It’s important to understand the basics of batteries if you want to build a bike and, in particular, a battery. The book discusses, rather briefly, why you can’t build an ebike battery with the spring type battery holders people use for AA cells. They are just not electrically efficient enough to work.
    Ideally, people would learn the basics about the cells. This concerns proper charging and then matching cells and cell configuration to the discharge needs of a specific bike. If you know how to do this, the next hurdle is to assemble a pack from cells. I keep hoping there will be what I call the “insta-pack”. The Instapack is something you could use to assemble the pack without a spot welder. The author has a version of this, there is the BatteryBlocs system, and there is an Indian version similar to the Blocs system. I really hope something like this catches on. I don’t see the general public wanting to spot weld packs. This book lays out the dangers in minute detail. You could almost say this book discourages assembling a pack with a welder.
    Ideally we will end up in a world where people can DIY an ebike battery. The first place to stop would be this book. I’m hoping people won’t need spot welders. If people could buy cells from reliable vendors, at good prices, and assemble them in a couple of hours, it would change the ebike world. DIY is the only way to go for a good ebike at a decent price. I’ve built three and they are very reliable. The problems I run into are the stresses of going quite a bit faster. You need suspensions and you need to get ergonomic bars. I’m not locked into a design. I change stuff all the time.
    This is a serious book about ebikes. If you think you are interested in ebikes, buy this book. It will tell you what ebikes really are about, even if you never touch a spot welder. It’s a march of technology and the limited needs of an ebike match the cells that are out there. So ebikes are kind of the cutting edge, and the tech works. But it’s not simple and it’s worth understanding, just for the nuances of charging and life cycles of packs.
  • This is a very helpful in understandng the different types of lithium batteries and the risks and rewards of lithium batteries. I recommend this book to understand How you can use lithium and why you should consider them. I converted a golf cart from 8 x 6 volt 235 ahr Lead acid batteries to 2 Lithium 24v 250 Ahr batteries. The lead acid batteries weighed 560 lbs – the Lithium weigh 110! Makes it feel like having power steering. No more watering batteries or having acid spill on the floor.
  • If you are thinking about building any sort of DIY battery project (from phone chargers to powerwalls), you need to buy this book first. Even if you have built a few small packs here and there, I guarantee you will learn from this book, I know I did!
    This is incredibly well written, easy to follow, and teaches you everything you need to know in order to get started. A truly wonderful resource for the DIY battery community.
    Thank you for writing this Micah, and for all that you do for the DIY battery community!
  • Do you understand how solar energy works? Are you aware of the many benefits it has to offer you? If you have answered no to either questions, or perhaps even just one, keep reading. It is important that you start understanding what solar energy can do for you as a residential or commercial property owner.Your solar energy system needs to be exposed to the sun at all times. Most homeowners have their solar panels installed on their roof but you could also have some panels installed on your front lawn. Do not hesitate to cut a few trees to avoid shadows and have a professional help you determine the best place for your panels.If you decide to put solar energy panels on your home, remember to keep them clean. Your solar panels must reflect the sun’s rays in order to store the sun’s energy for use in your home or business. If they are dirty, they can not effectively do this. By keeping them clean, you will get the most bang for your buck!If your roof cannot to support the weight of photo-voltaic solar panels, you can save a lot of money by investing in thin film solar panels. These panels are very light and flexible, which makes the installation much easier and affordable. Their higher price is also justified by their efficiency.If you perform regular maintenance on your solar power system, it will function well for a long time. You ought to inspect the system every month, as well as wash the panel surfaces gently. Don’t hesitate to call a pro to do the cleaning or inspect the system if you’re uncomfortable doing either.Look into portable solar energy battery packs. These can be extremely useful when you are somewhere that does not have access to power. For example, it could be used to charge your cell phone while you are camping in a remote location. It has recently become very popular, and because of this, it is relatively inexpensive.When using solar power, you do not have to worry about harming the environment in any way. Fossil fuels send harmful greenhouse gases off into the atmosphere, and they contribute to global warming and climate change. However, solar cells have no impact on the environment and are safe to use.It is a wise decision to have read this article. Solar energy has something to offer everyone, and at the end of the day, you only have things to gain by choosing solar energy. This article has helped you quickly understand the topic on the whole, but keep researching online for more information to understand even more.

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