DIY Today: Internet Marketing Essentials: How to propel your business to its highest potential!

Are you tired of hearing about Internet marketing and SEO but not understanding it? From tips to keywords to how to hire an expert, this book will show you how Internet marketing can and should be done. Digital marketing doesn’t have to be a secret. You will learn about keyword optimization, tips and tricks on how to get ranked in Google, and more. It’s time to stop wasting your money on ads and marketing tactics that don’t work. Start ranking in Google today so you can get the traffic you want and need!Community Review

  • The Marketing Agency Blueprint is not for everyone. In fact, there is a pretty narrow few people who will find it useful. If you’re just starting out, looking for a way to break into a new market, or develop the next big thing, this isn’t the book for you. However, if you’re the owner of a small agency looking to expand, compete, and make an impact for your clients–this book is worth its weight in gold.
    Specifically, making the jump from a micro-agency of one or two people to a small agency of 10 or more is nothing short of terrifying for an owner. The Marketing Agency Blueprint does a fantastic job of discussing some of the key issues many creative personalities can overlook from pricing to team-building, workflow to financing. Author Paul Roetzer does a great job laying out the operational ideas in addition to the marketing insight.
    While not for everyone in a creative workspace, The Marketing Agency Blueprint is fantastic for those small agencies looking to do differently, do it better, and grow smart.
  • I am starting a new marketing agency as a Hubspot partner and was referred to the Marketing Agency Blueprint by an adviser. I can’t imagine finding a more perfect book for my circumstances than this – as someone attempting to use crowdsourcing, inbound marketing and Software as a service to compete with larger businesses, this book gave me several actionable tips that I can implement immediately. Paul describes several models for providing services in this rapidly changing marketplace – from “soloists” to “hybrid agencies.” I found out that the model I am using is the “connector” model. The book provided several touchpoints to optimize success as a “connector.” I would highly recommend this book to anyone, but believe that all Hubspot partners should read this. Well done, Paul!!!!
  • Not too long ago, Fast Company published a watershed 5,700-word article about the wrenching changes and convulsions that the agency world is experiencing. (Article link – […])
    If you read that article and were left wondering what the agency of the future looks like, read The Marketing Agency Blueprint.
    I started my marketing firm 10 years ago after 14 years in the agency world. Seeing the changes going on in my industry in recent years, I’ve been actively searching for guidance on how best to evolve my firm and stay relevant and of value to clients. This book is the best direction I’ve found and I look forward to implementing Roetzer’s 10 recommendations.
  • I personally have been a digital marketing professional for over 5 years and have worked for agencies along the way so I’ve seen a lot of what Paul writes about in this book. Paul and his team do a phenomenal job of articulating the essence of what it takes to build a truly state of the art modern digital marketing agency.
    His attention to detail, clear prose, and passion for the industry helped me devour this book in short order.
    Short of doing it for you. This book really goes through every critical thought process necessary in order to build an agency.
    This book will be studied and scrutinized for many years to come. I thank Paul for taking the time, emotion, sweat, and tears to write this book. He’s done me and probably countless others a service.
  • The thing I found most helpful about this book was that it gave me a perspective (and language) to understand and frame not only the massive shift we’ve experienced in the marketing industry – but also the massive opportunity that exists for those that postion themselves (and their agencies) for it.
    That perspective has now made it’s way into the culture of our organization and as a result has increased the “velocity” of our team to embrace and capitalize this great shift.
    A personal thanks to Paul Roetzer (whom I’ve yet to meet) and the work that he has started here to equip agency owners/teams. As the owner and CEO of a newer marketing agency that finds itself smack dab in the middle of this shift, the cost of this book is a “grain of salt” compared to the benefits received tied to Paul’s years of experience on both sides of this equation (large traditional agency vs. new/agile agency).
  • I disagree with the comments that this book is an ad for HubSpot. I almost didn’t order it because of those statements, but I’m so glad that I did. I haven’t read anything else that offers this much guidance on starting/running an agency. At times it felt like a lot to digest, but as I connected the dots with my own experiences, the light would go on. I continue to refer back to this book and feel that it’s an invaluable resource for marketing entrepreneurs. I’m not a HubSpot customer, but the references to HubSpot didn’t bother me or hinder me from taking what I needed to know and applying it to my own developing firm. If you don’t have a real-world mentor as you build your marketing/PR agency or firm, the content in this book can be great confirmation that you’re on the right track.

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